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Some projects


The Association BioLiving aims at forestring sustainability by promoting contact and respect for nature and providing educational opportunities.
Nature and education for all, for a more sustainable world.

This project was awarded the national, international and public choice Prix Terre de Femmes 2015


Project IMPRINT+ makes us aware of the environmental impact of daily actions and the importance of their compensation


With less than a year, IMPRINT+ has been positioning itself as a reference project in the fields of environmental education and citizen participation in the various countries of the consortium. Recently the European Commission, which finances the project through the Erasmus + program, recognized the project's relevance in the area of Youth Entrepreneurship.

International projects

International projects

Bussaco Digital
Bussaco Digital is an online platform that seeks to encourage the community to participate in the reforestation of Bussaco National Forest, after it has been edamaged by the Gong hurricane (January 2013). The community can contribute by purchasing trees that will be planted and georeferenced to reference of the user, or offer dedications of remarkable trees of the Forest.

Bussaco Digital is a project of the Bussaco Forest Foundation  (FMB), developed in partnership with the University of Aveiro (UA), the PT Foundation and SAPO Labs. In this project (original idea of Nelson Matos) I made "the bridge" between UA and FMB, and worked throughout the process of content creation and optimization of the features of the platform.


This project was awarded as Best Communication Project for Nature Conservation in Europe, by the Europarc Federation.



Impacts of agriculture and forestry intensification on biodiversity

This was the subject of my PhD. This 6 years study demonstrated that the intensification of agriculture and forestry produces negative effects on the abundance and diversity of vertebrates. The "healthier" habitats are those that maintain a high structural complexity, both in the horizontal, vertical and even temporal components. In central Portugal, the mixed forests and traditional agriculture, are the ecosystems with the highest conservation value, and thus should be preserved and promoted. The monocultural production systems should be urgently reconsidered. More research projects in my CV.

Wildlife Monitoring
Environmental impact studies
Control of invasive species
Recreat ecosystems

As a biologist, I have participated in several environmental impact studies and wildlife - especially of vertebrates - assessment programs. My professional activity also includes consulting services and monitoring related to biology and conservation of species and ecosystems.




Forest Certification - Bussaco Forest

Bussaco National Forest has been one of my main study areas, and I had the privilege of undertaking the first faunal study of that space, in the light of modern science. Besides the faunistic characterization, I also listed the high conservation values. This data was essential for further projects and conservation goals.

In 2010, the Forest had BRIGHT, a Life + Project, approved for funding by the European Comission. The project aims at the protection of high conservation values of the Forest, in particular the Adernal, from threats caused by invasive alien species. In 2013, the Forest became the first certified National Forest (FSC and PEFC), having been classified as "High Conservation Value Forest".

Scientific review
of wildlife documentaries

I have had the honour and pleasure of collaborating inthe scientific review and translation of wildlife documentaries by Daniel Pinheiro, in particular:

- Mondego (2011)

- Between the Sky and the Tides (2012)

- O cante da Terra (2013)

- Alentejo - The Song of the Earth (2013)

Promotion of Science

Teaching and training 

Student's supervision

As a scince communicator, teaching, training and supervision are natural passions. At the University of Aveiro I lecture classes on biology, conservation, zoology and field techniques since 2004. In the Wildlife Research Unit (Dept. Biology) I also manage research projects and guide undergaduate and master's students, with topics such as:

- MSc "Use of habitat, diet and reproduction of Marsh harrier Circus aeroginosus in the Baixo Vouga Lagoon," by Michelle Silva Alves. University of Aveiro.

- MSc "Mammals as dispersers of native and invasive forest species" by Lúcia Pereira. University of Aveiro.

- Research project "Potential of Apodemus sylvaticus in controlling Acacia invasive plants.” by Maria Inês Simões. University of Aveiro.

- Research project “Science communication as a social tool” by Sofia Jervis. University of Aveiro.

As a certified trainer I regularly deliver trainings in the areas of biology and science communication.


Exhibitions are still an important vehicle to bring science to the public and, so, promote scientific culture. Since 2011 I have participated in several exhibitions (both solo and collective) and conferences about biodiversity.

Science outreach

The Educational Service
of Bussaco National Forest

Within the scope of my post-doc on science communication, focused in the promotion of natural values and scientific culture, in 2011 I created the educational service of Bussaco National Forest. More than providing environmental education activities for children and young people, it was intended to develop a truly integrative, comprehensive, intergenerational and replicable educational service. The service works as an "Education Lab", where the scientific method is applied ti the activities developed, in order to improve the offer and the respective educational effectiveness. The thematic workshops are complemented with pedagogical materials specifically developed for that reality, such as fieldguides and didactic games. The educational service also serves a social integration function.

Environmental education

Page Layout

It is well known that a good picture is worth more than a thousand words. As such, in science communication, the image is an element of great importance. In this context, I have created several logos, flyers, book covers, among other pieces, often integrated into books, magazines, pannels, reports and other written documents which layout is also my responsibility.



Community management

Establishing partnerships and integrating/developing real and digital communities are today imperative practicess for any service, business or team. I have been responsible for the establishment of strategic partnerships for the entities that I work with. In the virtual universe, have also been responsible for the management of communities and online platforms, so that the information can always available where and to whom it is important.

This is a small sample of my work.
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Milene Matos


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